Q: I have a website, is that all I need?
A: A website is like opening a business, if you have a good looking office with an attractive sign and there is need for your product or service in the immediate area then you will get a certain amount of business, advertising will bring you MORE business and online there are two types of advertising, free and paid. Free advertising is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, which defines the effectiveness of your website in search engines and relates to many things like the back end code and hosting quality of your website. Paid advertising is known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing which relates to paid advertising campaigns such as those on Google and Facebook. Both of these services get the best results through professional assistance.

Q: I know someone who “knows computers” they can build me a website pretty cheap, will that be just as good?
A: Ten to twenty years ago this would have been appropriate as web technology emerged, but online marketing has developed into a professional space and just as you could get a high school student to do your company taxes or a first year mechanic to repair your Ferrari there would be likely consequences to that decision. If you want something your employees would be proud of, your suppliers would trust, your investors would find credible and most of all a website that brings you more business the speak to the professionals at GOTO PLUS.

Q: My business is doing fine dealing in the local community, why do I need to be online?
A: Its a proven fact that the most important assets to any company is their website, even if the only deal in the local community. its purpose is not only bringing in business but giving pride to employees, confidence to suppliers and credibility to investors, but more important to that, if you claim your space online, competitors will.