Develop highly-secured and reliable cloud- serviced applications and APIs. We are focused on using a state of the art cloud technology with scores of profit- oriented features, connectivity with powerful effects on positive cashflow.

We aim to take the lead on building the most wanted tool on the market for a business to boost its direct sales channel. We are here not to babysit you but to guide you in implementing the best technology, most trending tools that www is looking for in this generation.

Occupancy Plus is a revolution in Hotel Reservation Management by integrating an advanced Hotel Management System and Internet Reservation Marketing into one easy to use cloud - based system. Occupancy Plus provides access to hundreds of channels to boost occupancy while at the same time assisting you to manage your property and inventory properly.

Xtranet Plus is the leading application for Hotels and Resorts to access global distribution channels providing a central point for managing inventory and contracted rates from one place. Even the Hotels own website sales and contracted travel agents can be managed from Xtranet Plus. All the functionality of Xtranet Plus is also in Occupancy Plus.

Transporter Plus is a cloud based solution for transport operators and car rental companies to manage reservations, vehicle allocation and online payments. Once the transport operator starts using Transporter Plus they will be able to take confirmed online bookings through the free website provided by Subicom and through the TICS network such as travel agents.

Ideal for all types of Tourism enterprises, Pax Plus manages the calendar and scheduling of resources used in connection with tourism. Scuba diving, jet ski, parasailing, even theme parks and zoos, anywhere that tours and activities take place, Pax Plus will not only help you manage your resources but give you an online presence with website that boasts instantly confirmed online bookings.